Instant restaurant websites to delight your patrons.

We host beautiful, highly functional websites for restaurants. Without bleeding you dry. But if that's not enough, here are 10 more reasons to use munchMuch for your restaurant website:

  1. Fast: your restaurant website in an hour.
  2. Affordable: hosted for as little as $30/month. (No large upfront costs)
  3. Changeable: modify your menus, hours, or anything else, anytime.
  4. Galleries: create photo galleries on the fly.
  5. Complete: everything your patrons need to find you is included.
  6. Standardized: patrons will come to know and expect these features.
  7. Findable: search engines can easily index it.
  8. Linkable: every page is linkable.
  9. Accessible: engineered for accessibility by screen readers.
  10. Evolving: continuous R&D provides ongoing new features.

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