munchMuch Hosting

Payment Period Amount Monthly Cost Yearly Cost
Monthly $50 $50/month $600/year
Semi-Yearly $240 $40/month $480/year
Yearly $360 $30/month $360/year


Domains (i.e. are leased through registrars on a yearly basis. Prices vary depending on the Top Level Domain (TLD) type (i.e. .com or .ca).

munchMuch can accommodate restaurants which already have domains. If you don't have one, we'll be happy to obtain one for you. Moreover, we'll make sure your domain subscription is renewed on time; so it doesn't get scooped by so-called domainers, who collect disused domains for various purposes.

TLD Cost
.com, .net, .org $20/year
.ca $25/year

Professional Services

munchMuch is engineered to allow you, the restaurateur, to create your own website, without need for intervention from our staff. If you're not inclined to go the DIY route, we'll be happy to setup your website for you on a time and materials basis.

Service Cost
Standard Setup $200
Custom Setup $100/hr

Standard Setup includes using the munchMuch kitchen (our CMS) to create your website. We'll also upload up to 30 images into up to 3 galleries; and, of course, setup your menus, hours of operation and accepted payment types.

Custom Setup includes everything in the Standard Setup, plus we'll develop a bespoke template, complete with custom graphics.

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